Sun Song

Flower Essence Spray

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Flower essences are therapeutic remedies for emotional & energetic healing. Through intentional ceremony, essences are alchemically made with sunlight, water and the vibrational imprint of flowers. This practice honors plant intelligence, our connection to the earth and the sensitivity of our energy fields.

4 oz.

2 Varieties:

ETHER— A White Sage scented spray offers a more etheric way to clear sacred space.  A local wildflower essence helps dissolve dense & frenetic mental energy into a soft, powdery glow.  Made with Caterpillar Phacelia essence, White Sage essence, White Sage essential oil

CANYON BOUQUET— Made from a unique blend of Topanga Wildflowers, this atmospheric spray contains the magic of the canyons and a loving divine mother energy.  Made from Caterpillar Phacelia, Mariposa Lily, Purple Brodiaea, Purple Sage, Milkweed, Lavender essential oil.  

Sun Song is a line of locally foraged herbal medicine designed for meditative and earth-based healing practices. Sun Song serves the current healing needs of the collective by connecting people to the floral landscape, their own bodies, and their energetic sensitivities. Each collection is an ongoing exploration in sacred time and sacred spaces.