Sun Song

Remember Us Flower Essence Spray

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Saewon Oh of Sun Song launched this exclusive product—Remember Us—at ICA Days, responding to both contemporary consumer habits and excess as examined by artist Maryam Jafri and her exhibition I Drank the Kool-Aid But I Didn’t Inhale (now on view at ICA LA), as well as the urban extremes found in Los Angeles’ Arts District.

Remember Us is a chickweed-based flower aromatic essence, intended to provide emotional and energetic support by reinforcing our connections to the earth, our bodies, the wilderness, the present moment, and our innate instincts as we navigate intense urban environments rife with sensory overload.

We are not separate, but forgotten. Use this potion to slow down, connect to nature and hear the earth speak.

Made with Wild Ginger, Lupine, Chickweed, Moss and essential oils of Clary Sage & Cypress.

Sun Song is a line of locally foraged herbal medicine designed for meditative and earth-based healing practices by Saewon Oh. Sun Song serves the current healing needs of the collective by connecting people to the floral landscape, their own bodies, and their energetic sensitivities. Each collection is an ongoing exploration in sacred time and sacred spaces.