Sming Sming/Meital Yaniv

We Spoke

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Compiled original texts from a durational reading event hosted at the Women's Center for Creative work in April, 2019, organized by Meital Yaniv.

hold on to each other, fear ignites hate, this land has been burning, from the first white step. this is an invitation to expand into the circular triangle created by the contact points of our past circles. this is the melting point of past connections and present transformations, this is the unfolding of community. we showed up for one another once before; we held space, we touched. that meeting point of recognition and accountability will multiply in voices. can we go back to a past experience and plant a seed, one that will change the lineage of perception and assumption? what is alive in your heart right now? can we archive the experience in real time over time? in twelve years, mother nature’s rage will be brutally known across space and time. fighting for something deeper than the kill?  this is shadow work. we brave it together, bearing witness to the collective movement, emerging.

the participants of this event were nominated by the 48 wordmakers who created Words on Paper, , do you feel the siren., Maybe all of us at once, and do you feel the siren, including:

D S Chapman
Hannah Kim Varamini
Crystal Sepúlveda
Alexus Fay
Anna Knecht Schwarzer
Carmen Rios
Mitsuko Brooks
Rachel Kennedy
Jasmine Nyende
Patricio Morales
Tyler Matthew Oyer
ana cecilia alvarez
Shana Mirambeau
Kim Zumpfe
Mikena Richards
Soffia Stiassni
Johanna Cypis
D Hill
Holly M. Crawford
Jane Parshall
Allison Conner
Meital Yaniv
Todd Moellenberg
Kirsten Kearse
Amanda Martin Katz
Janne Larsen
Christina Tsui
Veronica DeJesus
Aimee Goguen
Estela Sanchez
Amanda Horowitz
Shoghig Halajian
gloria galvez
Emily Mast