69 Herbs

Cum Over Tincture

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An herbal blend for feeling lush, plush, & slutty.

For getting hard and staying soft.

For getting tied up or dicked down.

For protection during sw.

For trying a new kink, healing an old wound, cultivating love, and loving on yourself.

Limited quantity available in 1 oz bottle 💖

With passionflower, sarsaparilla, rose petals, rose hips, and damiana.

69herbs is a small apothecary run by Jade Marks, who makes medicinal herbal products by hand in Brooklyn. 69herbs was dreamt up with the needs of their communities in mind, with a focus on mental health, trans and queer health, accessibility, and design. 69herbs believes that herbalism is the people's medicine and should be accessible, just, good for the land, and good for us.