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Communication by Seduction Project: Hayley Barker, She Told Me I am Lava

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A print by Hayley Barker for the Communication by Seduction Project (Windows, Real or Imagined): She Told Me I am Lava.

Each risograph print is 11 x 17

This is for an individual artist print as well as the index print.

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A collaborative project made by Days with Tanya Rubbak: Communication by Seduction Project (Windows, Real or Imagined) is a multi-part risograph print project, with limited edition folios, in which designers and artists have created windows into hidden structures where desires live.

Hayley Barker (b. 1973) was raised in Oregon. Her psychological self-portraits revolve around a daily process of drawing in bed, "beddrawing," wherein the stuff of dreams, lingering mundane thoughts, desires, and the spirit world overlap. From this practice comes frenetic, gestural, intimate mixed media drawings and oil paintings on panel that include text. Barry Schwabsky writes, "Her visionary paintings are relentless storms of mark-making that always have a face; it might evade your glance or stare you down." She lives and works in LA.