Fredericks & Mae

Black Multi Color Matches

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Small matches (still larger than normal) - comes in a cork topped glass tube with a strike pad on the bottom.
match is a tool for starting a fire.   Prior to the use of matches, fires were sometimes lit using a burning glass (a lens) to focus the sun on tinder, a method that could only work on sunny days.
6" x 2" x 2"
Materials: matches, glass, and cork.
Fredericks and Mae is the art/design team of Jolie Mae Signorile and Gabriel Fredericks Cohen. Their collaborative practice has evolved into a series of objects for the home, garden, and sky. Fredericks & Mae is a material anthropology of objects with confused origins. Tools, games, and rituals trace arcs through history and across the earth - they follow these arcs: noses to the ground and mouths agape.