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Old Softie: Twee Boofy

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Old Softies are a collection of stuffed creatures that blend modern aesthetics with traditional toy-making materials and techniques. They are made out of cotton-backed mohair--the same type of fabric that original Teddy bears were made from and have leather features. These materials are long-lasting and wear beautifully. Their arms rotate at the joint and the legs are sewn to allow them to easily sit down with you on the couch.

This is Twee Boofy. He is the first in Made:Cozy's Old Softie collection. Twee Boofy enjoys hanging out by a good campfire, making popsicles, and singing under echoey bridges.


10” x 5” x 1”
Mohair fabric, polyfill, leather
Made in Massachusetts

Spot clean and vacuum gently.

Made:Cozy is a small, Massachusetts-based company that explores the cross-section of traditional crafting techniques and modern design.