Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Mini Aura Windchime

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A celebration of sound, materials, shapes, and lightness. These abstract compositions are put into motion by wind creating kinetic sculptures and subtle melodies. Made of brass and stained glass with a leather strap by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio in NYC. This item is uniquely hand made - glass colors and metals vary. 5" diameter ring, 5" hang drop.

Ladies & Gentlemen Studio is a multi-faceted design studio based in Brooklyn's Red Hook neighborhood. Their aesthetic and design philosophy embraces complementary opposites with an unexpected balance of warm minimalism, playful austerity, and simple sophistication.

Founded by Dylan Davis & Jean Lee in 2010, L&G Studio's explorative spirit is a blend of resourceful curiosity with the desire to celebrate material & functionality. Their open, multi-disciplinary approach to design yields an ever-evolving set of ideas and experiments collected from everyday discoveries, explorations, and surroundings.