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Neha Choksi, Dismantling

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Dismantling is Neha Choksi’s vision of the final stage of Alice Könitz’s moveable institution, LAMOA, Los Angeles Museum of Art. An invitation to exhibit at LAMOA grew into an essay, then a sculptural installation, and then this book. Dismantling took many energies to create—the work was consciously assembled in proxy—and in that spirit, Choksi has assembled texts, conversations, and images about Dismantling from Steven Chodoriwsky, Rachelle Rojany, Dan Bustillo, Alice Könitz, Anuradha Vikram, Doris Chon, and herself.

Neha Choksi is an artist living and working in Los Angeles and Mumbai, India. Choksi works in multiple media, across disciplines and at times collaboratively and in unconventional settings, often to explore loss and transformation. Increasingly her work includes her own intellectual, cultural and social contexts.

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