Def Sounds

No Body is Illegal [Body Politic Hoodie]

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NO . BODY . IS . ILLEGAL . synthesizes mantra, fashion, and activism in a timely way that meets people where they are. Designed by Def Sound & visual artist Zoe Zoe Shine these hoodies are an act of decolonization, amplifying the undeniable truth that all boundaries are artificial, and the separation of families is an inhuman act. Your body is a politic, you don't need to be political stand up for and with oppressed people. Not only is it merchandise with meaning, but Def is making sure that 10% of each sale goes to an immigration advocacy organization doing great and generational grassroots work. The most powerful things we can create are conversations. Why not wear where your beliefs are?

Pictured: Left size Medium, Right size Large

80% Cotton, 20% Poly
Printed in Los Angeles