Panchu: Hand-Marbled Underwear

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Hand marbled & hand sewn Panchu for Cities of Days. These are all one of a kind High Waist Panchu (panties/knickers/hot pants/do-what-you-want-pants) made by artist Helen Poser: "Marbling is an ancient craft, it is floating pigment on water and transferring the design by laying fabric onto the surface. Creating hand painted pieces uniquely your own."

95% Cotton 5% Spandex

Sizes (each pictured—marbling varies but not drastically)
XS/S (0-2), S/M (4-6), M/L (8-10)

Gently hand wash & hang dry inside out or
Wash cold/delicate and tumble dry low inside out
The color stays perfect (I throw mine in the wash)

DO NOT spot treat or scrub fabric, this will cause damage

To wear:
On lounging days
Under dresses
Under high waist Pants/Skirts/Shorts
To bed
In the Sun
Out and About
However and whenever you want

Helen Groom Poser is an artist based out of Wisconsin. Always working in series, her art is detailed; inspired by her Chuukese/Wisconsin heritage and life's tall tales. Currently she is putting her art onto fabric, sewing and marbling under the name NIFFICH.