The Wax Apple

Taiwanese Tea with The Wax Apple—Saturday, April 20th, 2—5pm

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Saturday, April 20th


Responding to the exhibition at the ICA LA, Patty Chang’s The Wandering Lake, 2007-2019 and the instability of geography, Days is hosting an afternoon celebrating a place existing in political uncertainty—Juliana’s native Taiwan.

We present The Wax Apple, a project by Juliana Hung.

Join us for a celebration of Taiwan with a tea cup made by Juliana for ICA DAYS, traditional Taiwanese Oolong tea (東方美人茶/ Oriental Beauty tea) & Taiwanese tamale (粽子“Zi-ong tzi”), as well as utilitarian Taiwanese objects and clothes from The Wax Apple Shop.

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Pre-purchase a teacup (serves as a ticket for tea/zongzi) - $25

The Wax Apple:

Los Angeles’ Juliana Hung travels to Taiwan three times a year, sourcing unique utilitarian home goods that aren’t available here in the United States, like combs, brooms, and hand massagers. Fittingly, her curated selection is named after the fruit native to Taiwan. But what makes Juliana’s shop really interesting is that her business partner is her grandmother, who lives in Taiwan and helps find all the obscure tools. “As I grew older and moved to the U.S., I began to appreciate the everyday objects in Taiwan. Maybe it was a way to bring a little piece of Taiwan back with me," says Juliana. "Many of the goods are handmade with techniques that have been passed down from many generations. People don’t always see value in them because they have become so common, but if taken out of context, there is so much labor and love that goes into them. Each piece is really a work of art." Before mass manufacturing, people created these objects simply by using materials that were naturally grown nearby, and Juliana hopes her shop can shed light on that history.


Days is an experimental store that is currently at the ICA LA offering their take on a Museum Shop. The shop features works from Days’ seven-iteration arc, as well as projects selected to act in conversation with the ICA LA’s current exhibitions: everyday objects with a sense of political purpose or play.

1717 E 7th St
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